Advanced Endodontic Technologies

Technology is an important component of endodontic care. Since we treat the dental pulp inside your teeth, we rely on advanced imaging to help us diagnose tooth infections and the source of your tooth pain.

With high-quality and comprehensive imaging, we can also create treatment plans to provide the best outcomes for our patients’ oral health.

Here is an overview of the advanced endodontic technologies we use at the Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge so you’ll receive the best possible treatment and care.

Dental Surgical Microscopes

During endodontic care, or root canal therapy, your specialist removes all of the infected pulp from inside your tooth. This soft tissue extends deep into your root canals, which are very small to the naked eye.

Endodontic microscopes magnify small objects within the target treatment area by powers of 5, 8, 12, and 16x. They also provide high illumination to the operating field.

With dental surgical microscopes, we can see the tiny details inside your tooth, including hidden and accessory canals, that help us remove all of the diseased pulp and complete a successful root canal procedure.


High-Resolution Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Cone beam technology provides three-dimensional, high-resolution images of a patient’s mouth and jaw that allow an endodontic specialist to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem tooth and its surrounding areas.

The localized, small field CBCT limits radiation while allowing us to view images of a focused region of the patient’s mouth. These images allow us to provide a diagnostic assessment of inflamed tissues before beginning treatment.

Digital Radiography

X-ray technology plays a significant role in dental procedures because they produce images of the teeth and jaw that can be used for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our practice uses digital X-rays for diagnostic imagery. They reduce the amount of radiation needed compared to traditional film X-rays. At the same time, they provide superior images for better diagnosis of issues with the tooth and jaw.

Digital radiography offers other benefits as well, including instant results that display directly on our computer screens and a reduction of environmental waste with no need for X-ray film and developer.


The root canals within a tooth can be incredibly small. However, during root canal therapy, it’s important to remove the diseased dental pulp from all of the canals in a tooth to prevent continued pain and infection. One of the reasons patients need endodontic retreatment is if canals were undetected during the initial procedure.

Ultrasonics work at a high frequency of vibration with an ideal motion for finding hidden canals. They are an invaluable tool for the root canal therapy endodontists perform.

With ultrasonics, the endodontists at the Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge can efficiently and effectively perform root canal procedures.

Advanced Endodontic Care

With our diagnostic and treatment technologies, we can provide exceptional care for your oral health needs and preserve your natural teeth and beautiful smile. Contact the Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge today.