What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a specialized area of dentistry. The Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge are all endodontists who have had additional training so they can address and treat complications with soft tissue inside a tooth.

Here is what you can expect with endodontic treatment.

Consultation and Diagnosis

Your first appointment with one of the endodontists at the Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge is a comprehensive examination. During this exam, your specialist will check any orofacial pain you might be experiencing and will use diagnostic technology to determine if you are a good candidate for endodontic therapy.

Your specialist may recommend non-surgical treatment to eliminate any diseased pulp present in your tooth, and clean and seal your root canal system.

Under certain circumstances, you may need microsurgery. The Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge are experts at performing this procedure and use sophisticated equipment to ensure the best result for your oral health.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a common endodontic procedure for treating infected or inflamed pulp. Several circumstances can contribute to diseased pulp, including deep decay or trauma to your tooth.

To treat your diseased pulp with root canal therapy, your specialist will carefully remove the inflamed and infected pulp, carefully clean and shape the inside of the tooth, and fill and seal the space. At a return appointment with your dentist, you’ll receive a crown or restoration to protect the tooth and restore it to its full function.

After your root canal and restoration, the tooth will function like all of your other teeth.

Endodontic Retreatment

Most root canal treatments last for the lifetime of your other natural teeth. However, sometimes your tooth may fail to heal or still cause pain. This could occur for several reasons:

In these circumstances, your endodontist may recommend root canal retreatment. Your specialist will reopen your tooth, remove filling materials, and examine your tooth and canals again to remove the infection.

Even if you have already had root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment is your best chance of saving your natural tooth.

Endodontic Surgery

An apicoectomy, or root-end resection, is the most common type of endodontic surgery. Your endodontist may recommend an apicoectomy if you have persistent inflammation or infection in the tip of the root of your tooth after root canal treatment.

During this procedure, your specialist opens your gums near the root of your tooth to expose the bones and infected tissue. The very end of the root of your tooth will be removed along with the pulp and a filling put in place to seal the root canal.

Endodontic Care with Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge

When you need specialized care, the Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge can help diagnose and treat your endodontic needs, save your natural teeth, and restore your smile. Don’t wait to schedule your first visit.