How Root Canal Therapy Resolves Tooth Infections

man happy with dental work root canal conceptCavity formation will make a trip to the dentist’s office necessary. If the problem is caught in time, your oral health can be fully restored after all decayed enamel is removed and the tooth is restored. However, if too much time passes, the bacteria that caused your cavity to form can keep making their way through your tooth structure. Eventually, this will lead to the infiltration of those bacteria to the pulp, the tooth’s central chamber. At this point, it will be necessary to perform more involved work to restore your oral health. Fortunately, Root Canal Specialists Of Baton Rouge can help! We take on this and other issues that can make endodontic services like root canal necessary.

Cavities And Injuries Can Lead To Painful Tooth Infections

Cavities that go untreated worsen to the point where teeth become vulnerable to infection. Once bacteria inside the tooth’s central chamber, they can attack the living tissues within and cause you pain. In addition to this discomfort and structural damage, you need to worry about the further spread of harmful microbes through the roots of the tooth, which can lead to new health concerns.

Decay is often the reason why patients need root canal therapy, but it is not the only one. You can also develop an infection after an injury, particularly when one has cracked your enamel and exposed it to bacteria. In some cases, patients who underwent root canal therapy in the past will need retreatment to address a new infection or remaining bacteria.

We Can Perform A Root Canal And Address Your Infection

As a practice specializing in endodontic services, we are prepared to assist patients who require root canal therapy for a severe cavity or injury. Our practice takes care to minimize the work involved in accessing and cleaning the pulp. We also provide treatment to protect the pulp after this work is done to prevent new problems from arising.

The Role Technology Plays In Endodontic Services Like Root Canal Therapy

Advanced endodontic services can save teeth and stop harmful infections from spreading. To provide the right experiences with this kind of care, our practice relies on advanced technology for evaluating teeth and planning treatments. This technology includes special imaging tools for analyzing tooth structure and the effects of infection, ultrasonic tools to find hidden corridors containing bacteria, and more!

Talk To Your Louisiana Root Canal Specialists About Root Canal Therapy!

Through root canal therapy, our practice can resolve a serious, painful problem with your tooth while preserving your complete smile! If you would like more information on root canals and their role in restoring your dental health, please reach out to Root Canal Specialists Of Baton Rouge at (225) 766-3061.