Our Unwavering Dedication To Endodontic Technology

Mardi Gras endodontic technology baton rouge laWhen you crack or break a tooth, you become at risk of developing an infection that can cause a serious toothache. Even more, this bacterial growth can start to spread into your jaw, eventually making its way into your bloodstream. For this reason, it is important to meet with your oral health provider whenever you experience damage to one or more of your natural teeth. When this happens, you may need a root canal to keep the infection from causing you further harm.

At your neighborhood endodontist at Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge, we are a dedicated team of oral health experts, and we take our jobs very seriously. You rely on us to stay on top of the latest methods and technology in the world of endodontics, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best care possible. Schedule your consultation or find out more about our advanced technology by giving us a call at (225) 766-3061 today!

Using Sophisticated Dental Imagery To Produce Quality Results

Your root canals can be small and difficult to navigate, so as endodontists, we rely on special tools to get the work done. This means that with outdated technology, it can be harder to provide the quality that you deserve in your dental care. Our team uses a few different forms of advanced dental imagery to improve outcomes and help you save your infected tooth.

For example, our office utilizes cone beam technology to create a detailed three-dimensional image of your mouth. This is used alongside other advanced forms of imagery like endodontic microscopes and digital x-rays to limit the amount of drilling and make sure that we clear the infection on the first pass.

Staying On Top Of The Latest Techniques And Technology For Your Root Canal

Being a part of the endodontic care community means that we have a dedication to saving infected teeth from the fate of extraction. Root canals are a major part in this fight, and alongside imagery, the right tools are necessary for cleaning and removal of problem tissue. We harness the sophisticated cleaning power of ultrasonic technology to excise the entirety of your infected pulp so that bacterial growth does not have a change to recur. This can make all the difference in securing a lasting outcome that remains positive into the future.

Learn More About Our Dedication Advanced Endodontic Technology Today!

When you need a root canal, you want to be able to trust that your endodontist is staying on top of the latest changes in dental technology. To find out more, speak with our team at Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge at (225) 766-3061, at one of our locations in both Baton Rouge and Denham Springs, LA!