Does Your Aching Tooth Need Endodontic Care?

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Do you have a tooth that aches, and your discomfort has lasted for more than a day? Do you have pain in your jaw, or discomfort when you chew? These could all be potential signs of an infected tooth. Endodontic care to treat issues with the interior of your tooth could help! Your neighborhood endodontist at Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge, LA, can protect your smile with root canal therapy.

Warning Signs of an Infected Tooth

You should be aware of the changes in your smile that could indicate an infection. For example, tooth sensitivity and toothaches that last for more than a day or two, pain when you bite down or chew, and swelling near the tooth could mean you need treatment. Aches in your jaw and face could also be an indicator, as could a discharge from the tooth. When these potential warning signs arise, please contact our team to schedule a consultation and start treatment!

The Benefits of Working with an Endodontist

Our team is extensively trained and experienced in the treatment of interior dental issues, such as advanced decay or infection. We can conduct root canal procedures to treat the infected teeth and offer relief, while also preserving the tooth so you avoid gaps in your smile. We will begin with a detailed examination employing digital imagery, allowing us to pinpoint the position of your tooth and plan treatment with detail.

Treating Your Dental Infection

When you undergo treatment, we will administer a local anesthesia to the area being treated to ensure you’re comfortable. If you have dental anxiety, we won’t minimize your fears, and will instead talk to you about what to expect, and also offer sedation to help you enter a calm and relaxed state, often with little to no memory of the procedure at all.

Our team next opens the tooth to remove the infected tissues. We clean the interior of your tooth and add a unique restorative material to the inside too. Finally, we cap the tooth with a crown. The restoration will be custom-made to ensure a comfortable fit and a lifelike appearance, bonding with your smile. If you have any questions about how our team will diagnose and treat concerns like infection, or if you need a root canal to stop discomfort and preserve your tooth, please reach out to our team today.

Learn More About Our Root Canal Procedures Today!

Our team wants to help you avoid painful infections and the risk of tooth loss. To find out more about endodontic treatment, speak with our team at Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge at (225) 766-3061, at one of our locations in both Baton Rouge and Denham Springs, LA!