How Endodontic Treatment Saves Your Tooth

Endodontic treatment refers to procedures addressing the soft tissues in the interior of your teeth. These procedures can help tackle infected teeth and protect you from tooth loss. At our endodontic office in Baton Rouge, LA, our team will help preserve your smile and protect you from major discomfort.

How Root Canal Therapy Resolves Tooth Infections

Cavity formation will make a trip to the dentist’s office necessary. If the problem is caught in time, your oral health can be fully restored after all decayed enamel is removed and the tooth is restored. However, if too much time passes, the bacteria that caused your cavity to form can keep making their way […]

Reasons To Not Worry About Your Root Canal

Hearing that you need more than routine preventive care from your dentist can be stressful. If you discover that you need a root canal to restores your oral health, you may experience even more concern. What will this do to your tooth? Will your smile be affected? Is the procedure going to cause you discomfort? […]

Recognizing The Need For Root Canal Therapy

During a typical dental review, a dentist can identify signs of decay that call for treatment before a toothache or any other warning of poor health affects a patient. The good news is that when a problem is caught in time, the work involved in treating a vulnerable tooth is reduced. While many cavities and […]