Does Your Tooth Need Retreatment?

baton rouge root canal

What if you have received a root canal previously from another dental practice, and since then discomfort has arisen again? In these scenarios, you may need a retreatment to prevent worsening symptoms and tooth loss. Our team has experience with this procedure, and can help you avoid serious complications for the health and stability of your smile in the weeks and months to come. Your neighborhood endodontist at Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge, LA, we can provide a retreatment with precision and comfort.

When Teeth Require Retreatment

Typically, a root canal procedure can last a lifetime in the treated tooth. But in a few cases, complications could arise that lead to further decay or reinfection, and need treatment to avoid discomfort and tooth loss. If the patient has narrow or curved canals, this could lead to a risk of reinfection. If the tooth sustains an injury following treatment, or the patient doesn’t maintain good oral hygiene, then complications could arise. A tooth could require retreatment if the crown or restoration used to seal the tooth wasn’t placed in a timely manner by your previous dentist, allowing contamination.

Starting Your Care

Our team will begin with a detailed exam using advanced imaging technology, such as digital x-rays, so we can assess the position and severity of the infection, and assess the previous treatment. We need to understand what went wrong before we begin retreating the tooth. With this endodontic treatment, we can help save your tooth and keep your smile whole!

Smile Improvement

Our team will first numb the tooth being treated and if you have dental anxiety, our team could discuss sedation to ensure your experience is a calm and comfortable one. Next, we will reopen the tooth to remove the filling material. We then clean the interior and carefully examine the tooth to plan the retreatment process. Our team will redo the root canal to fill the tooth and cap it with a crown to stop discomfort and open the risk of tooth loss, so you enjoy better oral health.

If you have had a root canal from a previous dentist and have experienced recent discomfort, then don’t risk the stability of your smile. Instead, talk to our team about possible solutions, so you can enjoy good oral health, an attractive smile, and a lowered risk of tooth loss down the road.

Learn More About Addressing Painful Symptoms Today

Our team can offer quality and comfortable treatment as needed. To find out more about how we offer better oral health and smile comfort with endodontic treatment, speak with our team at Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge at (225) 766-3061, at one of our locations in both Baton Rouge and Denham Springs, LA!